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Brand Story

History of Parka

The parka has ancient roots in Canada. The parka was invented in prehistoric times by the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic as a means of warmth and protection from wind and wetness while hunting and kayaking. It was originally made from caribou or seal. The full-lined fur insulates from rigid Arctic conditions. The parka style of winter coat is a Canadian icon.

Caribou Inuit in Canadian Arctic

As clothing materials and production techniques evolved in the 1900s, the parka designs advanced rapidly. The Canadian and U.S. militaries began to issue parkas to service people in northern climates during World War II. Helicopter pilots, scientists, and international film crews also began to adopt the parka as necessary tool for survival while working in Canada.

Today parkas are available with a great degree of diversification in style and functionality. They become seasonal wardrobe essentials for people who pursue fashions.

Our Brand

Lasalle Canada is a Canadian company. Our Parka is the heritage of the Canadian Arctic with fashion inspiration. We are well known for the creation of the balance between fashion and function, offering most satisfied winter Parkas to our customers.

All our Parkas are full-lined Fur Parkas. We select the finest ecological fur materials, 100% natural, carefully handcrafted, providing you the true experience of nature, comfort, elegance, durability, and warmth.

Our innovated business model allows us to bypass the traditional strip mall retailers and warehouse wholesalers. We work very hard to distribute our finest parka directly from manufacturers to the hands of our customers. Our goal is to make luxury genuine full-lined fur parka at an affordable price, so every customer can enjoy it.

We are consumer's #1 choice of online full-lined fur parka in Canada. 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

In addition to the full-lined genuine fur parkas, we realized our customers' high demand of high quality wool coats. Thus, we introduced our line of wool/cashmere coats. All our coats contain 100% wool or cashmere. We keep the contemporary design in mind, delivering finest coats from the runway to your doorway.